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ByDuncan Heaney
Top phone contracts

With more than a million different contract deals to choose from, picking the right phone deal is tricky. You’ve got to consider how many minutes, texts and data you need, how much you want to spend, which network to go with and how to keep your existing number.

Well, fear not - we've grabbed the top contracts for the most popular phones on the market right now. We'll give you some handy switching tips at the end of the guide too!

Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 6 contract deals

So, you want to get your hands on an iPhone 7? We don't blame you - it's awesome. Picking the right plan depends on how much you can afford to pay upfront, over the course of a 24 month contract and how much memory you need. Here's our pick for the best iPhone 7 contract right now - or check out our guide to the best iPhone deals this month for more top offers.

iPhone 6 contract

20GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts

£19.99 upfront

£51.00 a month

24 months

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5GB data

Unlimted minutes

Unlimited texts

No upfront cost 

£43.00 a month

30 month contract

Upgrade after 24 months

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Samsung Galaxy S7 

Galaxy S7 contract deals

Looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge deals out there this month? BT offers come with a £5 discount if you are already a BT broadband customer - making them a fantastic pick for a Samsung Galaxy.

Like the phone but don't like the deal? Check out our guide to the top Galaxy S7 deals this month.


6GB 8GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts 

£20.00 upfront

£35.00 a month

24 months

£60 Amazon or iTunes gift card

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Samsung Galaxy S6 

Galaxy S7 contract deals

The flagship phones from Samsung are the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. The S6 Edge is slightly more interesting, with its impressive curved screen, but comes at quite an extra cost. The specifications of the S6 and S6 Edge are almost the same, so all you need to decide is whether you want that cool curvy screen. We recommend also going for a chunky data plan, so you can enjoy downloading and watching crystal clear HD videos on your device.


2GB data

600 minutes

5000 texts


£25.99 a month

24 months

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Or, if the S6 is a little out of your price range, we love this deal on the Samsung Galaxy J5:


Samsung Galaxy J5

1GB data

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts

£18.00 a month

30 months

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No phone!

SIM Only contract deals

What? A mobile contract without a phone? If you're happy with your current handset, then why not see if you can save yourself some cash by switching to a SIM-only contract? SIM-only plans are available from all mobile networks and come with a range of minutes, texts and data to suit your needs. There are 30-day and 12-month plans available, and you can keep your existing mobile number when you switch. Here are our top picks:


2GB data

500 minutes

Unlimited texts

£10.00 a month

30 day contract

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The great thing about this giffgaff deal is that you can switch up your goodybag every month if you need to! Alternatively, this deal is also pretty great:

Three SIM contract

Unlimited data

200 minutes

Unlimited texts

£24.00 a month

12 month contract

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That's right, unlimited data for less than £25 a month. So, if your current phone contract has finished (i.e. you're outside the minimum contract period) then you can save money by getting this 12-month plan, or spend a little more on the 30 day equivalent plan. Want to see more SIM-only deals? Just check out our guide to the best SIM Only deals this month

Tips for switching

  • Make sure you're out of your minimum contract period with your current network
  • If you want to keep your phone, it may be locked to your current network. You'll need to unlock it if you want to switch to another network, and it could cost around £20 to do so.
  • If you want to keep your number, ask your current network for your PAC code, and give it to your new provider when you have your new SIM. For full instructions, read our simple guide to keeping your mobile number when you switch networks.

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