All about ‘existing customer only’ mobile deals

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Most mobile deals are available to anyone, but others have an elite-looking label on them that says they’re for ‘existing customers only’. But what does that mean? And are they any good?

What are existing customer deals?

Some providers like to say thank you for customer loyalty, and one of the ways they do that is by giving you a discount when you get another service from them. In the case of mobile deals, that usually means a lower monthly rate for current customers who sign up to a new one.

For instance, if you're coming to the end of a mobile plan, there may be exclusive customer only deals available to encourage you to stay on that network. Or, a provider that offers multiple services - like broadband and home phone - may give a discount on mobiles to its current broadband customers.

You'll sometimes find them for contract deals on handsets, but most of the time they're SIM-only plans.

Existing customer deals come with a few advantages:

  • They're a lot cheaper
  • Some of them are completely exclusive to customers, and not available otherwise
  • You can incorporate them into your usual monthly bills

There's often more limited choice on handsets and tariffs, but if you find a deal you want, it's almost certainly going to be fantastic value.

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Which providers have existing customer deals?

Plenty of operators offer deals for existing customers, including these ones:

Sky Mobile

Anyone can take out a Sky Mobile deal, but choosing this network is an especially good call for Sky TV customers - it comes with a few special extras. If you've got Sky TV, a Sky Mobile plan will give you:

  • Unlimited calls and texts - each household can register up to five Sky SIMs for these
  • Sky Go Extra, included free of charge
  • Sync, which lets you connect to your Sky TV box via your smartphone and manage your recordings

That's along with all the regular features of a Sky Mobile plan, like the ability to change your data allowance whenever you want and roll over any unused data from your allowance to use later.

BT Mobile

SIM-only deals on BT Mobile are available to anyone, but if you're a BT broadband customer, they'll cost you a lot less. They also have the advantage of wide 4G coverage and free access to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Plusnet Mobile

Again, anyone can grab a SIM plan from Plusnet Mobile, but existing Plusnet broadband customers can get special mates rates and discounts.

All its deals are 30-day rolling contracts, on allowances up to 4GB with unlimited calls and texts.


EE's got plenty of exclusive deals for its existing customers - including the chance to upgrade a couple of months early if you have a mobile contract.

Plus, EE broadband customers will get an extra 5GB of data on their EE mobile plan every month at no extra cost. That's hard to say no to.


Got a mobile plan from Three? Want to upgrade to something new - or switch to SIM-only? Have a look at the network's range of deals - some of which come with special prices only available to existing users. You can even get plans with unlimited data.


O2 makes it simple to update your plan if you're already a customer. It offers a huge spread of O2 Refresh contracts - which let you upgrade your device early - as well as other special offers.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile's deals are available for everyone, but it's only Virgin Media broadband customers who can get its special unlimited data plan. You'll also get unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile numbers thrown in free. They also do good deals if you want to switch from contract to SIM-only.

How do I sign up?

1. Search our site for deals that suit you. Try our SIM-only plans, or find your provider on our list of networks to see what they have to offer.

2. Select the deal you like the look of. You'll be directed straight to the provider's website.

3. For an existing customer only deal, you'll be asked to enter your account details. Have your login info at the ready.

4. If everything is above board, you're ready to order your plan! Sign up to the deal, and your SIM should be on its way.

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