iPhone 8 - What will the next iPhone be like?

ByKim Staples

The glossy, headphone jack-less iPhone 7 only came out in September 2016, but we’re already hearing whispers about what the iPhone 8 might be like. From an entirely glass body to a brand new screen, here’s a quick roundup of what all the rumours are saying.

Release date

Probably September 2018. Or September 2017. We're not sure.

Usually, Apple releases an 'S' iPhone on odd-numbered years - we'd expect the iPhone 7S to launch in 2017 - then unleashes a brand new number in the even-numbered year.

So we can expect the iPhone 8 to arrive in 2018, right? Well, maybe… but 2017 marks 10 years since the very first iPhone was released. Could Apple be planning something major and exciting to mark the phone's anniversary - something exciting enough to name it the iPhone 8?

What will the iPhone 8 look like?

Which one? Some sources reckon there could be as many as four phones in the iPhone 8 range, spanning from one with a nice small four-inch screen, all the way up to a 5.8-inch monster of a phablet.

What everyone seems to agree on, though, is that the iPhone 8 will be - and we quote - "radically different". All signs (and patents) point towards a phone that looks like "a single sheet of glass", with no bezels between the screen and the edges of the phone. That could also mean no home button, and no visible camera or sensors - Apple has patented tech that would let them sit under the screen. If it really pulls that off, this phone could look amazing.

Speaking of screens… some reports say the iPhone 8 may well have an OLED display, rather than the traditional LCD offering. That would mean sharper colours, blacker blacks, clearer lines, and probably higher resolutions. Some think it'll only be available on a 'special edition' version of the phone, though - and others think it might be curved at the sides, à la Samsung Galaxy Edge models.

Apple might be nicking a few more ideas from Samsung, in fact. One report says the 2017 iPhone will be fully gorilla glass on the front and back, much like the jewel-like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7. Apparently we all liked the glossy jet black iPhone 7 so much that Apple is continuing the shiny trend. Plus, a non-metal back panel means the phone just might have wireless charging…

What else?

There are a lot more rumours about what the outside of the iPhone 8 will be like, but we don't know a whole lot about its innards just yet.

We can guess that it'll arrive at the same time as iOS 11, and probably have an A11 chipset running it. Chances are it'll have 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

Some thinks aren't likely to change from the iPhone 7, though. We suspect the headphone jack is gone for good, but we think the water resistant body will be back. 

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