Samsung Galaxy S8 - What will it be like?

ByKim Staples
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung has got a lot to live up to with the Galaxy S8. The S7 was just about the perfect phone, and the Note 7 was an unmitigated disaster - so the company will really have to prove itself with its next flagship.

So, what are the rumours saying about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8? Quite a lot, actually…

The basics

Release date: Early 2017. It'll probably be unveiled in February or March, around the time of Mobile World Congress as per usual.

Price: Expensive. Around £650 or so, experts think.


Some folks are still holding out for a foldable phone from Samsung, but we're a tad sceptical as to whether that'll be the S8. Stylish metal and glass slabs have worked well for the Galaxy S line so far, and we doubt that'll change now.

One report says it'll have a display that covers the whole front of the phone, with the home button and sensors embedded in the screen. Similar things have been said about the upcoming iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 too, actually.

Samsung's vice chairman himself said that the design will be, and we quote, "slick". So there you go, that's what the Galaxy S8 will look like. Slick.


Most sources reckon we'll get two Galaxy S8 phones, as per the rest of the Galaxy S range: one with a big-ish 5.1-inch screen, and one with a very big 5.5-inch screen.

However, while the bigger of the two is usually an Edge model, complete with a display that curves down at the sides, this time around we may see both phones sporting those sexy curves.

As for those screens' resolutions, the 5.1-inch will probably be QHD again… but the 5.5-inch might be 4K UHD (Ultra HD). That may sound unnecessarily high-res, but it means it'll look absolutely amazing paired with a Gear VR headset.

The Always-on display will probably be back too, as it's proved quite popular on the S7 and ill-fated Note 7.

Tech specs

As for the Galaxy S8's technical details, everything ought to be a very slight step up from the S7. One leak suggests it'll be powered by a 3.2GHz processor, which could be either Snapdragon or Exynos. A massive 6GB or 8GB of RAM looks possible too.

Samsung is also reportedly working on a new camera, with an 18-24MP lens and f/1.4 aperture, though it's not clear whether that'll go on the S8 or not. A dual-lens camera wouldn't be a total shock either - almost all the phones on our list of the best camera phones have doubled the rear lens count.

One rumour reckons the S8 will have a fat 4,200mAh battery, but that seems a little excessive to us. For comparison, the S7 had a 3,000mAh one which easily lasts more than a day on a single charge.

What else?

How about an iris scanner? The Note 7 had one, and it seemed to work perfectly well, so we wouldn't be shocked to see it on the Galaxy S8. Samsung needs to put it somewhere now the Note has gone under, after all.

It'll almost certainly have a USB Type-C connector too - a more versatile port that transfers data faster, supports more protocols, and, best of all, has a reversible plug.

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