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About EE

EE is most well-known for being the first UK network to offer 4G - high speed mobile broadband capable of much the same speeds as some home broadband packages. However, there's more to the network than that - not least of which is that it also operates the now-defunct Orange and T-Mobile brands. EE has 700 retail stores in the UK and some 28 million mobile customers.

History of EE

Orange was founded in 1993 by Hutchison Telecom, while the same year saw the arrival of Mercury One2One - a service that would later become part of Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile business.

Their merger was cleared by the European Commission in March 2010 and completed the following month, and the Everything Everywhere name was announced that May. Network sharing began in October 2011, although in Northern Ireland the T-Mobile brand was retired in April 2012. EE was given the green light to launch a 4G service by telecoms watchdog Ofcom in August, and it launched in various UK cities in late October 2012.

Since then, EE has kept up its reputation for 4G, and now has the widest-ranging and fastest 4G in the country.

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A huge range of monthly contracts, SIM-only, and pay-as-you-go deals are available from EE, whether you want the latest iPhone, a light deal with a few calling minutes, a mid-range handset, or a chunky 16GB-a-month SIM plan. Compare your options with our comparison service to see what's available.

EE isn't the cheapest network - a generous allowance on the latest iPhone could easily set you back more than £50 a month - but it's well worth it if you want the best mobile internet you can get.

EE mobile coverage in UK

EE has incredibly wide coverage: more than 80% of the population can connect to 4G, while its 3G services reach 98% of us.

EE contact details

EE Customer Services
6 Camberwell Way
Tyne and Wear

Customer services telephone

From an EE mobile: 150
From any other phone: 07953 966 250
From abroad: +44 (0) 7953 966 250
Opening hours are 8am-10pm on weekdays, 8am-8pm on weekends. Charges may apply.