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The People's Operator mobile plans explained

The People’s Operator is all about giving back. Not only does it offer you great value SIM-only plans, it also gives a significant chunk of what it earns to charitable causes across the country.

It uses Three's network, which means brilliant nationwide coverage as well as 4G and 3G mobile internet. And 10% of what you pay - along with 25% of its overall profits - goes to a cause you want to support. Even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is on board as executive chairman of the company.

The People's Operator tariffs

The People's Operator offers two kinds of plan: SIM-only monthly contracts, and pay-as-you-go. It doesn't deal in handsets, so you can either use one you already own or purchase whatever phone you want from elsewhere.

Pay-monthly SIMs range in price from £4.99 to £20 per month, and they're rolling 30-day contracts so you don't need to sign up to anything long term. You can get multiple deals with 3G and 4G and, if you want web connectivity for your tablet, there are data-only SIMs as well.

Its pay-as-you-go rates are very competitive, with some of the best value pay-as-you-browse data tariffs around. And if you think you're going to have a mobile-heavy month, you can buy a 30-day bundle of minutes, texts, and data. These range from £7.50 to £10.

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The People's Operator coverage

Because it piggybacks on Three, The People's Operator has great coverage, reaching 99% of the population, including 3G. Three is also the UK's widest-reaching 4G network - so 4G coverage is pretty good around the UK.

That said, remember that coverage is still iffy in some areas - so always use a coverage checker to be sure you can connect to the network where you need to. Read our guide for more about mobile coverage.

What's good about The People's Operator?

  • Tariff prices are competitive and affordable
  • Excellent coverage, because it uses Three's network
  • 30-day bundles on pay-as-you-go plans give you better value for money
  • Pay-monthly SIMs operate on a 30-day basis too, so you don't have to commit to anything long term
  • Fantastic value 4G SIM-only plans that give you up to 6GB data at a low price
  • Data-only SIMs available for your tablet
  • 10% of what you pay each month goes straight to charity
  • No credit check needed

What's bad about The People's Operator?

  • No unlimited data plans available
  • No handset plans - you'll need to either use a phone you already own, or buy one outright from somewhere else
  • Because its focus is on giving to good causes, it doesn't really offer any perks, such as priority tickets, to its customers


  1. If I switch, can I keep my mobile number?
    Yes you can. All you have to do is ask your old network for your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) before your contract is up. Then give the PAC - likely a nine-digit number - to your new provider and you’ll usually be able to use your old number within a working day.
  2. How do I switch mobile contracts?

    First, pick a new mobile contract by comparing different packages on our site, and click through to sign up to one that looks good.

    Then, simply contact your current provider to cancel, and switch to the new contract. Providers should walk you through the process when you sign up.

  3. Can I use my mobile phone abroad?

    It is possible to use your phone abroad, but before you can do so you may have to activate roaming with your network operator. Different countries incur different charges, but if you’re travelling within the EU, your operator should send you a message about roaming prices upon your arrival. And remember, unlike at home, you may be charged for receiving calls as well as making them.

    See our guide to using your phone abroad for more info.