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Top 5 mobile phones 2018

When it comes to our mobile phone, some of us won’t settle for anything less than the best. And these days, that means a handset with a stunning screen, impressive features, and processors that can handle any task you throw their way.

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But where can you find such a paragon of handheld telephonic technology? We've searched far and wide, and found five great ones that fit the bill. Read on to find out what we think are the best mobile phones for 2018.

5. LG G5

For its latest flagship, LG got rid of a few divisive design choices from the old G4. Gone are the curves, the bizarre leather case, and the volume buttons on the back of the phone. On the other hand, it's introduced something just as unique: the G5 is partly modular.

A removable base lets you add what LG has dubbed 'Friends' - which include a better camera, a speaker, and an action cam. It also means you can remove or change the battery, a rarity in a lot of today's top phones. Even without an extra module though, the G5's specs aren't bad: 4GB RAM, a 16MP camera, quad-core processors.

It loses a couple of points for its size - the display is 5.3 inches as it is, and the phone gets even bigger when you add a Friend - and for its disappointing battery life, but nonetheless this one is worth getting.

4. OnePlus 3T

OnePlus' first entry in the Western market is a serious contender. The Chinese firm hasn't held back with this one.

For a start, the display is brilliant - it's optic AMOLED, meaning it's super clear with incredibly crisp colours. It's also got a dual polarising layer to make it easier to see in sunlight. Plus it's massive at 5.5 inches, and has a special mute button just like on an iPhone. You'll be pressed to find one of those on any other Android.

As for day-to-day use, it's got quad-core processors and a whopping 6GB of RAM, making it one of the fastest, smoothest phones you'll ever use. And one huge advantage the OnePlus 3T has is that it's by far the cheapest one on this list...

3. iPhone X

A collection of the best smartphones around simply wouldn't be complete without Apple's latest. With the iPhone X, you'll get a really slickly designed edge-to-edge screen, in a glass and metal body that feels about as premium as a smartphone can get - which makes sense, since iPhones are still some of the most expensive on the market.

But what you're getting for that price are some top-notch features. The battery finally has decent life in it, and the camera is superb - thanks to two 12MP lenses, OIS, and quad-LED flash, you can get some stunning shots from lenses that focuses better. As well as that, there's Face ID, Apple's very own facial recognition system for security.

The only major downside is the missing headphone jack, which a lot of folks won't take to lightly. For what it's worth, it does ship with an adapter, and headphones that connect to the lightning port… but we see your point.

2. Google Pixel

Google Pixel? More like the Google FIX-ALL, because it'll fix all of your smartphone woes, am I right?

Anyway… If you're more of an Android kinda person, you really can't get much better than a smartphone straight from the Google's mouth. The Pixel was designed to run Android perfectly, and it does that with a beautifully high-res display and top-of-the-line specs. It's also got what some consider to be the best smartphone camera around.

There's the regular Pixel or the larger Pixel XL, and in our opinion, both are just as good - the only real difference is the size of the screen.

1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Right at the top of the smartphone pile right now is the as-yet-unchallenged Galaxy S8. Rocking a huge screen that takes up most of the phone’s front, this is a slim, attractive handset with a lot of impressive features.

The specs alone are enough to raise eyebrows: a 5.8 inch Quad HD display with curved edges, octa-core processors, 4GB RAM, 12MP camera, and a battery that will easily last more than a day. Basically, whatever you want to do with a phone, the S8 can handle it, whether that’s watching movies, honing your photography skills, or just a lot of texting. Oh, and there’s wireless charging, as well as an iris scanner and a heart rate monitor. Phew.

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