Broadband News 2010

Broadband News 2010

  • Superfast mobile broadband to connect Welsh notspots

    High-speed 4G mobile broadband technology is being trialled in west Wales - the firms behind it say the technology could eventually connect 'notspots' around the UK More »

  • T-Mobile launches Wireless Pointer mobile wi-fi device

    T-Mobile broadband has revealed a new dongle designed to help customers get the best signal. More »

  • TalkTalk apologises over customer email glitch

    TalkTalk broadband has apologised for email problems following an upgrade to its systems. More »

  • Virgin Media to launch 1Gb business broadband

    Cable broadband giant Virgin Media Business has promised to deliver superfast speeds of up to 1Gb to its business customers. More »

  • Nine-month student broadband from Virgin Media

    Students looking for shorter broadband packages can now get a nine-month contract from Virgin Media. More »

  • O2 launches 30-day broadband packages

    Award winning provider O2 broadband ( has introduced short 30-day rolling contracts as part of a major overhaul of all its broadband packages. More »

  • Vodafone launches mobile Wi-Fi dongle

    Vodafone mobile broadband has introduced a new mobile wi-fi dongle that allows you to connect up to five different devices to your mobile broadband at one time. More »

  • BT to upgrade 199 new exchanges to 20Mb broadband

    BT broadband'snext round of upgrades will bring speeds of up to 20Mb to 18 million homes and businesses by spring 2011. More »

  • Virgin Media prepares 400Mb broadband

    Cable broadband provider Virgin Media has revealed that its fibre optic network is capable of eye-wateringly fast speeds of up to 400Mb. More »

  • 87% of London to get fibre optic broadband by 2011

    London is set for a major fibre optic rollout as BT broadband prepares to connect the capital to its next generation network by spring 2011 - well ahead of… More »

  • Three offers iPad customers 10GB for just £15

    Mobile broadband provider Three is offering new iPad one of the highest data allowances on the market - at the lowest price. More »

  • Sky offers standalone broadband

    Telecoms giant Sky is offering broadband-only packages for the first time. More »

  • Virgin Media launches Digital Home Support service

    Almost a quarter of Brits have resorted to buying a new computer rather than dealing with IT problems, revealed Virgin Media as it unveiled its new technical support service. More »

  • T-Mobile offers half price pay-as-you-go dongles

    Customers looking for a cheap pay-as-you-go mobile broadband dongle can get over 50% off at T-Mobile from today. More »

  • T-Mobile launches Euro Broadband Boosters

    T-Mobile Broadband has introduced new cut-price roaming packages that let you go online in Europe from just £1. More »

  • Orange Mobile Broadband drops data roaming charges

    Orange Mobile Broadband has launched a new data roaming bundle to make it cheaper to go online abroad. More »

  • Vodafone launches Sure Signal 3G booster

    Vodafone Mobile Broadband has relaunched its 3G coverage booster, the Sure Signal at a new lower price. More »

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