Three offers iPad customers 10GB for just £15

Mobile broadband provider Three is offering new iPad one of the highest data allowances on the market - at the lowest price.

New customers signing up to one of Three's new iPad micro-sim deals can now get themselves a massive 10GB a month for just £15 - without even having to commit to a long contract.

As well as this great value offer, Three is also offering the UK's cheapest iPad deal with 1GB allowance for just £7.50 a month.

Both packages also come with a rollingone month contract, offering great value without a long commitment.

"Connect your iPad to Three," said themobile broadbandprovider. "No other network gives you more data for your money."

In comparison to Three, other iPad data providers are offering 1GB deals for £10 a month, while £15 will usually only get you a 3GB allowance.

Michael Phillips, product director, said: "Once again, Three is leading the market when it comes to mobile broadband value. But as always when choosing a 3G package, you need to think about coverage as well as price and make sure that you compare providers to get the best possible connection," he advised.

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