O2 launches 30-day broadband packages

Award winning provider O2 broadband (www.O2.co.uk) has introduced short 30-day rolling contracts as part of a major overhaul of all its broadband packages.

It has scrapped its old Standard, Premium and Pro packages, replacing them with three new deals.

The Basics package is perfect for everyday surfing and email, said O2, while The All Rounder has been designed for customers who want to download music and catch up on their favourite TV. O2 has also launched a new package called The Works, which O2 said is "our top notch broadband for those who want it all. Best for enjoying movies and connected gaming".

And while O2's top two packages have kept their "unlimited broadband" download allowances, subject to a fair usage policy, its new Basics package has a 20GB monthly limit.

O2 Access customers, who live outside of the provider's local loop unbundled (LLU) network have already been put on a 20GB monthly usage limit. O2 stressed that most homes across the UK use less than 20GB a month.

O2 is keeping its £5 discounts for existing customers. This means that The Basics package starts at just £8, The All Rounder at £12 and The Works costs from just £20 a month.

You can add line rental for just £7.50 a month - the cheapest on the market. Evening and weekend calls cost £2 a month, while anytime landline calls cost £5 extra.

Non-O2 customers must pay a £25 connection fee when they sign-up, while 30-day customers must pay a £29.99 fee. Non-O2 customers taking a 30-day contract must pay both charges.

Michael Phillips, Broadbandchoices.co.uk product director, said: "O2's new broadband and home phone bundles will certainly shake up the market - offering the UK's cheapest line rental as well as monthly discounts for O2 mobile customers.

"O2 is a great choice of broadband provider - it has won a host of awards for its fast, reliable connections and excellent, UK-based customer service."

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