Orange Mobile Broadband drops data roaming charges

Orange Mobile Broadband has launched a new data roaming bundle to make it cheaper to go online abroad.

The new £2 for 2MB price is available to customers who opt in to the deal, and will be charged for each day that you go online within the European Union. Customers who don't opt in will be charged the standard out of bundle rate of £3 per MB.

Orange will also be launching a new data bundle, initially only in France, specifically aimed at iPhone customers, offering 10MB for €5.

Olaf Swantee, senior executive vice president for Orange global mobile business, said: "Our customers shouldn't be constrained by national boundaries or worries over their bill when they're abroad. For many of our customers, who are just starting out on their mobile internet journey, we want to give them peace of mind and create a simple platform to be able to experience and experiment with mobile multimedia services wherever they are, whenever they want.

"For roughly the price of a cup of coffee, we are helping our customers keep doing what they're doing - it's not designed for heavier users who use the mobile internet to download music or games but for everyday customers who want to be able to check their emails, tweet or upload their pictures to social networking sites, anywhere they may be within the EU."

The new bundle is designed to help customers avoid "bill shocks" when they return from holiday.

The 2MB allowance offers enough data to view thousands of Twitter messages, around 80 to 100 emails, 80 to 100 text-based web pages and 15 to 20 images.

However, Michael Phillips, product director, warned that customers still needed to be very careful when using their mobile broadband abroad, on their phone or laptop: "As Orange has pointed out, this bundle is only designed for light internet use, such as checking emails or general browsing - it is not designed for downloads or watching TV online.

"Orange offers some great value mobile broadband packages, including the UK's cheapest contract at only £5 a month for 500MB and the only tariffs with free overnight downloads, in the form of its Early Bird packages."

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