T-Mobile launches Euro Broadband Boosters

T-Mobile Broadband has introduced new cut-price roaming packages that let you go online in Europe from just £1.

T-Mobile Broadband has introduced new cut-price roaming packages that let you go online in Europe from just £1.

Research has shown that "40% of customers would take their laptop on holiday with them if they could get connected to the internet easily," said T-Mobile as it launched its new Euro Broadband Boosters.

The new mobile broadband roaming add-ons allow customers to choose how much data they want, eliminating "bill shocks" by guaranteeing that they never pay more than the fixed price option they have chosen.

Ralf Pearson, senior propositions manager for mobile broadband at T-Mobile, said: "We want customers to be able to get the most from our mobile broadband service. As 40% say they want to take their laptop away with them to stay connected, we're launching Euro Broadband Boosters so they can do this without having to worry about the costs getting out of control.

"With this proposition, we're offering these customers a range of better value, worry-free options, built to suit their different on-line needs while they're in the most popular travel destinations."

There will be four Euro Broadband Boosters to choose from, going live on 1 March:

  • 3MB for £1 with about 15 minutes online checking email
  • 20MB for £5 with about two hour's online usage
  • 50MB for £10 with one days use
  • 200MB for £40 with 30 days usage

The 3MB, 20MB and 50MB Boosters last for 24 hours each, while the 200MB Booster is valid for 30 days.

The Boosters can be bought through a simple webpage that opens automatically when you open your browser in Europe. Once your allowance has been used up or your data has expired, this webpage will reappear, allowing you to buy another Booster if you want to stay online.

Michael Phillips, Broadbandchoices.co.uk product director, said: "Starting at just £1 for 3MB, T-Mobile is offering some of the best value for money on mobile broadband roaming packages.

"However, users need to be aware that these bundles - and the comparative offers from Virgin Media Mobile Broadband and Orange Mobile Broadband - are only designed for light internet use and checking emails. If you start watching YouTube clips, downloading music tracks and uploading holiday pictures and videos to Facebook, you'll use up your allowance in no time," he warned.

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