Virgin Media launches Digital Home Support service

Almost a quarter of Brits have resorted to buying a new computer rather than dealing with IT problems, revealed Virgin Media as it unveiled its new technical support service.

With computer users wasting seven hours a month trying to fix their own technical problems and a massive 45% of computers being affected by a virus at some point, research by the cable broadband giant showed that Brits regularly rant and rave at their computers - with 27% resorting to physical violence and hitting their computers out of frustration.

Virgin Media has launched its new service in a bid to help customers solve technical problems. Customers will be able to get support beyond the scope of Virgin Media's standard technical helpline, with support for a huge range of hardware, software and operating systems.

Subscriptions start at £6 a month for Single Computer Support or £10 for Total Support - which covers up to three computers and all home gadgets. Alternatively, non-subscribers can receive a One off Quick Fix of problems like wireless set up or software installation for £30 or a One off Big Fix of more complex technical issues for £60.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, said: "A lack of computer knowledge combined with a lack of easily accessed support is leading to massive consumer frustration. Our research found evidence of customers so frustrated with fixing PC problems, they ended up buying a new PC when only a simple fix was needed.

"As customers demand more and more from their PCs and ultrafast broadband; we're launching the UK's best value help service from any ISP, both to help customers get the most out of their PCs and home devices, and to help them fix annoying everyday problems.

"With one in ten internet users needing help with a technology problem at any point in time, Virgin Media Digital Home Support offers a comprehensive service exclusive for Virgin Media customers that uses new 'remote control' technology to allow specialist technicians to fix 95% of problems remotely and without the need for customers to hang on the phone or wait for a technician to visit."

Virgin Media found that more than a fifth of adults thought that their computer know-how was less than that of a 10 year old.

Michael Phillips, product director, said: "People now have increasing numbers of gadgets, from PCs and laptops, to networked hard drives, printers, iPhones and even their sound systems hooked up to their home broadband network so it's great that Virgin Media is offering expert support for its customers, no matter what hardware or software they use."

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