Virgin Media prepares 400Mb broadband

Cable broadband provider Virgin Media has revealed that its fibre optic network is capable of eye-wateringly fast speeds of up to 400Mb.

The broadband provider already offers the UK's fastest, widely available package with its XXL50Mb broadband, and is set to launch an even faster 100Mb package by the end of the year.

The company is already trialling speeds of up to 200Mb, but now, Jon James, executive director at Virgin Media, has revealed that the company could soon be pushing broadband boundaries even further.

"We want to be ready for the evolution of network speeds in the coming years as we roll out ever-improving services, including our 100Mb service due at the end of the year and trials of 200Mb ongoing," he said.

But hinting at even faster speeds to come, he added: "We know very well we can do 200Mb and we could do 400Mb. We are launching a new modem by the end of the year that will be 400Mb capable. And that's a vehicle for the evolution of our speed portfolio in the next two years."

James also talked about the company's plans to expand its cable network in some areas where BT broadband will not be upgrading its existing lines.

"For [BT] it is not worth upgrading existing customers to a slightly better service, but for us it's a new market where we know we'll get 30-40% take up," he said.

Virgin Media's cable network currently covers around 12.5 million homes and businesses but the company is looking to expand by around one million more.

Virgin Media is currently in talks with power companies and looking at the possibility of using street-side electricity poles to expand its network even further.

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