Broadband news from 2011

Broadband news from 2011

  • Fast Five the most pirated movie of 2011

    Pirates race to download Vin Diesel vehicle online More »

  • Boxing Day 2011 is biggest UK online shopping day ever

    Millions rush to the online sales on Boxing Day More »

  • Visits to holiday websites rocketing post-Christmas

    Online Brits book beach getaways to beat the winter blues More »

  • Facebook names Top 10 games of 2011

    The Sims Social, Diamond Dash and Bingo Blitz make the list More »

  • Christmas Eve to be quietest day online all year

    Internet’s least busy day arrives as Britain logs off for Christmas More »

  • Parents reminded of online safety at Christmas

    Half of parents forget to keep kids safe on the web More »

  • Will we have superfast broadband anytime soon?

    The government has promised that nine out of ten of us will have access to next-generation broadband by 2015, but BT recently said that it could be another five… More »

  • Are we being duped into paying for ever-faster broadband?

    Are you paying for a high-speed broadband connection you don’t really need? More »

  • Music downloads to give ‘explicit’ parental advice

    Parents will be clearly informed when a song is unsuitable for younger ears More »

  • How does your broadband provider fare when it comes to complaints?

    TalkTalk is again the most moaned about broadband provider, while Sky rivals Virgin Media as the least criticised company More »

  • Talking dog beats dancing royals to top video of 2011

    Most watched video of 2011 is barking More »

  • Councils face super-tight deadline for superfast broadband funding

    Local councils told to hand in their homework by February More »

  • The Problem of Piracy

    Internet piracy - is it a problem and, if so, is there a solution? More »

  • Google reveals most searched topics of 2011

    Royal Wedding, iPhone 5 and Rebecca Black rose up the search rankings in 2011. More »

  • Brits begin to get enthusiastic about superfast broadband

    Demand for next-generation internet access in Britain is starting to grow, with the broadband market defying economic anxiety. More »

  • Britons spend more time online than the rest of Europe, study reveals

    Britons love surfing, shopping and watching TV online. More »

  • Facebook: The privacy debate

    Have we sold our souls to a social network? More »

  • BT reveals next towns to get superfast broadband

    178 telephone exchanges across England, Scotland and Wales get upgrades. More »

  • Rural broadband projects are stalling, claims report

    The Countryside Alliance believes that rural upgrades aren’t making the grade. More »

  • Over a quarter of Britons baffled by broadband jargon

    Plusnet find broadband jargon remains a mystery to many. More »

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