Plusnet fibre broadband trial averages 30Mb

Plusnet broadband has revealed that customers on its fibre optic trial have been receiving speeds of around 30Mb.

The provider said that it already had around 400 customers on the trial, which offers speeds of up to 40Mb broadband using BT broadband's Infinity network, but is still urging new customers to sign-up.

The last day to register online for Plusnet's fibre optic broadband trial is 25 January.

Plusnet said although not everyone would be able to get the faster speeds yet, around 15-20% of the country would be able to get fibre optic broadband on BT's network within the next few months.

The BT Infinity network uses fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology to run fibre optic cables to streetside telephone cabinets, with traditional copper wires completing the connection.

But Plusnet added: "We must stress that this is still a trial and things can go wrong."

It warned that "the vast majority of speed faults raised by our trialists are due to their wireless equipment not being able to handle the FTTC speeds."

Anyone wanting to connect at superfast broadband speeds of up to 40Mb should use one of the latest wireless N standard routers, or plan to upgrade soon, advised Plusnet.

"Lastly on the subject of faster speeds, it's worth thinking about usage as you will most likely use a lot more bandwidth," added the supplier. "With that in mind any Value customers who are considering giving this a go should consider upgrading to one of our other account types with higher usage allowances like Extra or Pro," it concluded. Read the latest Plusnet reviews for Extra and pro.

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