BT Home Hub 3 offers 'smart' wireless

If you’re sick of your broadband connection breaking, BT’s new Home Hub ( promises to deal with the problem, so you’ll get no interruption to your service.

The BT Home Hub 3 promises to deal more easily with interference which disrupts your broadband.

Common devices such as wireless webcams, and video senders for TVs, can all interfere with your broadband's Wi-Fi, but the new BT hub automatically detects the problem and moves to the strongest channel.

Even your neighbours' gadgets can affect your broadband, but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what's causing the problem.

John Hurry, commercial director BT Retail said: "With its Smart Wireless technology, the new BT Home Hub 3 always looks for the best wireless channel available, giving customers the strongest connection, combined with exceptionally long range, compared to all other broadband providers.

The BT Home Hub 3 is also smaller and greener than its predecessor - it works out which ports are in use and powers down those that aren't.

The BT Home Hub 3 is available exclusively online now for new customers, and for everyone from February 28. Existing customers can get their hands on the device for half-price at £46.

The BT Home Hub 3 is set-up to handle both standard broadband and fibre-based BT Infinity. It won't work for non-BT broadband services.

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