Exclusive: Four months free Plusnet broadband

Get free broadband for four months when you sign-up to Plusnet through Broadbandchoices.co.uk.

New customers signing up to the Value package from Plusnet broadband can now get four months free internet, saving over £50 for some customers.

The award-winning provider is offering its latest deal exclusively to Broadbandchoices.co.uk customers signing up online by 3 March.

The Value package comes with speeds of up to 20Mb broadband, a 10GB monthly download allowance and free overnight downloads from just £6.49 a month - the lowest standalone broadband package on the market.

"Around 80% of homes can get Plusnet Value for £6.49 a month," said the provider. "If you're not in that 80%, it's £6.49 a month for three months, then £10.79 or £12.99 a month after that depending on where you live."

You can also get four months free anytime calls if you want an all-in-one broadband and home phone deal, added the provider. Plusnet line rental costs £11.99 a month.

If you take the broadband-only deal, you'll have to pay a £25 connection fee as well as £4.99 P&P for your free wireless router.

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