BT picks new boss for superfast broadband

There’s a new boss in charge at BT, to ensure two-thirds of the UK has fibre broadband by 2015.

There's a new boss in charge at BT, to ensure two-thirds of the UK has fibre broadband by 2015.

BT has promoted its head of strategy to chief executive of Openreach, the arm of BT that sells its network to other telecoms brands.

Olivia Garfield will now be in charge of delivering superfast broadband across the UK, fulfilling the company's commitment to ensuring two-thirds of the UK's homes and businesses have access to superfast fibre broadband by 2015. She replaces Steve Robertson.

Olivia Garfield said: "Competition in UK telecommunications has led to low prices and innovative new services, and my aim is to ensure that continues.

"Fibre broadband is the future and I am determined to make it available to as many homes and businesses as possible via a wide range of providers."

While Garfield is confident that BT will reach two-thirds of the UK by 2015, the final third - rural and remote areas - depends on money from the government to add to BT funds before the deployment would become financially viable.

The government have various funds which it is putting towardssuperfast broadband projectsin the UK, following its spending review in October it established a £530million Broadband Delivery UK fund to put towards helping local projects around Britain.

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