OAPs need help getting online

Internet-savvy Brits must help the millions of UK OAPs who’ve never been online to feel more socially connected by using the web, according to charity Age UK.

Around six million OAPs have never been online, according to Age UK research, and only 43% of Brits aged between 55 and 74 "frequently use" the internet.

Nonetheless, nearly 24% of OAPs who've never used the internet are convinced it would be a useful and easy way of keeping in contact with friends and family more easily.

Helena Herklots, services director at Age UK, said: "To help get older people online, we need people of all ages who already use the Internet to pass on their knowledge to friends, family members and neighbours.

"If everyone helps one older person they know to get online, the UK's older population could surf their way to the top of the European table."

If you're interested in helping older people learn about the internet then the Age UK website offers help and information about setting up internet workshops in your local area.

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