BT to double fibre broadband speeds


BT Infinity download speeds could double next year, reveals the broadband giant.

BT, the UK's biggest internet provider, has revealed plans to double the download speed of its fibre optic broadband network.

BT said that the technology was "fully future-proofed" and that it could ramp speeds up in the future.

"We expect to roughly double the download speeds of our fibre service next year, while upload speeds will also further improve," said a spokesperson for BT.

BT now has 144,000 customers signed up to its Infinity service, with around 5,000 new orders each week, it said.

BT's fibre optic broadband network, which currently offers speeds of up to 40Mb, is now available to around five million homes and businesses, the provider said. It plans to extend its reach to 10 million in 2012 and reach its target of two-thirds of the UK by 2015.

The company also managed to attract more customers to its traditional copper wire broadband packages, adding 162,000 new customers over the last quarter and helping to boost the company's profits by 71% over the year.