North-South city divide for London broadband

London’s slowest boroughs have been named and shamed, with those in South London proving the worst.

Residents in Tower Hamlets suffer the slowest speeds in the capital, with an average of 6.7Mb, revealed researchers.

This compared to the City of London, which gets the fastest speeds with an average of 13.2Mb.

Overall, the average broadband speed across London is 8.5Mb, with speeds coming up slightly faster in North London compared to connections south of the river.

Alex Buttle, director of, which compiled the research using more than 150,000 speed tests across the capital, said: "It will be no consolation for the residents of Tower Hamlets that the average broadband speed in their borough is still significantly higher than a large section of the UK population, because when it comes to London as a whole they have clearly drawn the short straw.

"With the government promising that everyone will have access to superfast broadband by 2015 and the networks investing a great deal of money into their infrastructure to meet this challenge, broadband users need to make the most of the changing landscape by shopping around and ensuring they are getting the best service they can in their area."

Even London's slowest boroughs enjoy speeds above the national average of 6.2Mb as measured by telecoms regulator Ofcom in November and December last year.

Yesterday, Labour party researchers revealed that some 18% of the country still lag behind the rest of the UK, with speeds of less than 2Mb.

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