Ofcom calls on consumers to voice bad billing concerns

Received an unexpectedly high bill in the last 12 months? Ofcom is calling on broadband, home phone and mobile users to get in touch.

If you've received an unexpectedly high bill from your broadband provider in the last year, telecoms regulator Ofcom wants to hear from you.

Although rules are in place to ensure consumers receive clear and transparent information about their bills and contracts, consumers still receive unexpected broadband bills for excess downloading, for example.

"Consumers can sometimes find themselves faced with bills for unexpected costs such as using their mobile abroad, making more calls than their monthly allowance, having their phone stolen, calling expensive or premium rate numbers, or downloading data," said Ofcom.

The telecoms regulator said that 5% of landline users - many of which are also connected to the internet over their home phone line - had received an unexpected bill in the last 12 months. For 9% of these people, their bill had been over £100 more than expected.

However, with fewer variants on broadband bills, less customers complained of unexpected charges compared to landline and mobile customers, said Ofcom, so it wasn't able to give out specific numbers.

Ofcom is now calling on consumers to get in touch if they have "received a one-off unusually higher than expected mobile, landline, or broadband bill in the past 12 months". The consultation will close on 14 June, when Ofcom will decide whether or not it needs to take further action to protect consumers.

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