TalkTalk launches HomeSafe web security system

Worried about your kids’ online safety? TalkTalk has launched new security software allowing you to block “distracting” sites, like Facebook, and protect your PC from malware.

TalkTalk, one of the UK's largest broadband and home phone providers, has launched HomeSafe - the UK's first network-level broadband security service.

The broadband giant said HomeSafe is different from other security software because it offers "protection at a network level rather than on an individual computer, which means it works on all devices connected to a home broadband connection - from PCs and laptops to smartphones and games consoles."

HomeSafe, which is available free to all TalkTalk broadband customers, will help keep families safe while online through:

  • Virus Alerts - A simple click will enable an alert system which blocks web pages infected with any kind of malware, protecting customers' computers and other devices
  • KidsSafe Parental Controls - Lets the TalkTalk account holder block content they don't want to be accessed through their connection, such as pornography, violence and/or gambling
  • Homework Time - Parents can block social networking sites, like Facebook, and online gaming sites, to stop kids getting distracted while doing their home work.

Tristia Clarke, TalkTalk's commercial director, said HomeSafe is a comprehensive and effective internet security product that will help put parents' minds at ease - rather than worrying about their children using the internet.

"Of course, it's not a silver bullet and it doesn't absolve parents from the responsibility of knowing what their children are up to online," added Clarke. "But our research shows parents understand this. They don't want their ISP to control what content they can or can't access online - they just want their ISP to give them the power to implement settings that are right for their family."

Research by TalkTalk found that 59% of parents are worried that their children could look at inappropriate content accidentally, and the same number (59%) are concerned about their children downloading a virus or other malware.

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