News 2012


  • New super-connected cities revealed

    Funding for fibre broadband and high-speed Wi-Fi in Aberdeen, Brighton and Hove, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Derry, Newport, Oxford, Perth, Portsmouth, Salford and York annouced in Chancellor's autumn statement. … More »

  • Free Wi-Fi coming to 100 train stations

    Chelmsford station is the first to benefit from free wireless broadband from The Cloud, with the likes of Norwich, Cambridge and Stansted Airport soon to follow More »

  • Broadband providers to decide where piracy law applies

    It’s down to each company to determine which customers - including the likes of cafes and libraries offering public Wi-Fi - are subject to anti-online copyright infringement measures, says… More »

  • TalkTalk complaints down 40% in a year

    Heavily advertised TV deals attract 1,000 new customers a day. More »

  • 10,000 homes get 1Gb broadband

    Hyperoptic brings ultrafast internet speeds to London. More »

  • The top 10 cheap smartphones

    Want a decent smartphone, but don’t want to pay top whack? Take a look at these handsets... More »

  • London 2012 breaks broadband records

    BT finds London Olympics and Paralympics were “most connected Games ever” More »

  • Almost 80% of parents reject automatic porn blocking

    What’s the best way to protect kids from adult content and harmful sites? More »

  • Lincolnshire broadband campaign backed by 1,000 locals

    Broadband Means Business will aim to have 10,000 signatures by December More »

  • Half of UK broadband customers have never switched

    Home movers worry that changing supplier could be time consuming More »

  • Broadband: Has the government got it wrong?

    Rural areas at risk of being left behind... More »

  • 4G Britain: too late, or just in time?

    The first 4G services will launch in the UK in 2013. asks what next-generation mobile broadband means the country, whether it is too late, and why, for people… More »

  • Internet TV: the future, or just a flash in the pan?

    Do you really need to own a 'smart' television? More »

  • Government to miss 'best broadband in Europe' deadline?

    Lobby group warns it is 'unlikely' superfast targets will be met by 2015 More »

  • TalkTalk takes issue with BT fibre broadband price

    CEO Dido Harding wants Ofcom to intervene and promote fair competition. More »

  • Lobbyists demand 'up to' prices for 'up to' broadband

    Lobby group Wispa says broadband customers "deserve appropriate charges" More »

  • Can anyone make millions online?

    Last month, Double Fine Productions raised more than £2million in internet donations to help get its latest video game off the ground. Ever wondered whether you could be making… More »

  • Government to monitor emails, texts and phone calls

    Home Office says it is ‘vital’ in protecting the public from serious crime and terrorism; digital rights organisation calls it ‘very wrong’. More »

  • Virgin Media replaces old bundles with "Collections"

    Superfast broadband and TiVo included as standard. More »

  • Three-quarters of Brits unhappy with their broadband

    Speeds too slow, service too poor say consumers More »

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