Virgin Media replaces old bundles with "Collections"

Superfast broadband and TiVo included as standard.

Virgin Media has launched a new range of combined broadband, home phone and TV packages, dubbed "Collections", that will be available from Sunday, 1 April 2012.

The new Collections improve on the current bundles by offering both superfast broadband and TiVo, which allows users to record, pause and rewind live TV, as standard.

Broadband now starts at speeds of up to 30Mb and goes up to 100Mb, and to 120Mb when Virgin's current upgrade project is complete - telecoms regulator Ofcom defines superfast broadband as 25Mb-plus.

As of next week, there will be three collections available: the "Essential Collection", which includes up to 30Mb broadband, the "Premiere Collection", which includes broadband speeds of up to 60Mb and the "VIP Collection", which currently has speeds of up to 100Mb.

All Virgin Media exisiting customers are currently having their broadband upgraded as part of the company's speed doubling programme, which began last month.

Andrew Barron, Virgin Media's chief operating officer said: "Virgin Media has been leading the evolution of digital entertainment in the UK, and with services such as TiVo and 100Mb, we've catalysed a massive growth in the consumption of digital entertainment.

"This is the first time we've combined these leading products in this way and these groundbreaking Collections mark a new chapter for digital services in the UK, with superfast broadband and next-generation TV services now attracting the mass consumer market and families looking for the best way to enjoy their digital lives across the numerous connected devices found inside - or outside - the home today."

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