Three-quarters of UK 'unwilling to pay for superfast broadband'

Survey finds only 10% willing to pay over £30 a month for 100Mb broadband

Just 10% of people in the UK are happy to pay more than £30 for broadband speeds of 100Mb.

That's according to a survey by PC Advisor, which investigated what people were willing to pay for superfast internet at home.

The majority of people (77%) said they wouldn't pay very much for 100Mb speeds. In fact, 28% of them said they wouldn't pay more than £10 for the fastest speeds currently available in Britain.

A further 28% would be willing to pay between £10 and £20 for 100Mb superfast broadband, and just over a fifth (21%) would pay between £20 and £30.

Despite the blistering speeds possible with a top-end fibre optic connection, some people are still happy with the provider and speeds they're receiving. Of those that completed the poll, 11% said they were satisfied with the price and performance of their broadband.

Currently Virgin Media and BT are the only companies to offer up to 100Mb broadband in the UK, and, in the case of BT, it's only available to a relatively small number of customers, with most of BT's fibre customers offered a top speed of up to 78Mb.

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