TV key to superfast broadband adoption

“Some people will want fibre and they won’t have a computer at all”

Web-connected TV services will be pivotal in motivating people to switch to superfast fibre optic broadband, BT and Virgin Media have suggested.

The role that television and other video services will play in widespread adoption of superfast broadband was discussed by the broadband providers at a Westminster eForum Keynote Seminar snappily-titled Broadband Britain - funding, "killer apps" and digital engagement.

While superfast adoption is growing, one of the challenges facing providers is getting consumers unaware of the benefits of fibre, or satisfied with their existing connection, to switch.

This is why web-connected services, such as smart television sets and YouView, or BT's own connected service, BT Vision, will be pivotal.

"We'll get 70-90% of the market [using fibre optic] when broadband connects to TV," said Sean Williams, group director strategy, policy and portfolio for BT. "When more people can consume free to view online content, that's the opportunity to get to groups who don't choose superfast broadband."

Williams and Matt Rogerson, head of public affairs and policy for Virgin Media, also highlighted the need for competition to drive innovation in the area, pointing out that "services drive demand."

The duo also speculated that when online-enabled TV services have matured, "some people will want fibre and they won't have a computer at all".

What about you - are you planning to switch to superfast broadband, or are you satisfied with your current connection? What would drive you to choose fibre? Share your thoughts below.

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