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EE makes 4G prices public

EE, the UK's first 4G mobile network, has announced how much it will cost you to be to benefit from mobile internet speeds, which it says will be five times faster than those offered by the 3G networks currently used by most mobile phone users, tech news website The Inquirer has reported.

Prices range from a pretty standard £36 per month for unlimited calls and texts and a 500MB data allowance to a hefty £56 per month for the same but with an 8GB data allowance. Basically, it ain't gonna be easy on the pocket if you feel the need to stream Breaking Bad in high-definition on the way to work. EE goes live on Tuesday 30 October, 2012.

EE also reveals fibre broadband prices

Amidst all the hubbub about how you'll be able to download movies while video calling your mum, playing Draw Something and streaming tunes from Spotify using 4G, it's easy to forget that EE is also launching a fibre broadband service.

ISPreview UK hasn't. According to the broadband news website, prices will range from £15 per month for a 38Mb package to £25 per month for a 76Mb package, with £14 per month line rental on top.

iPad Mini imminent

We are now mere hours away from Apple launching what is widely expected to be the iPad Mini. Or the iPad Air. Or the iPad Small N' Awesome (© Duncan Heaney). The launch event kicks off in San Jose, California at 6pm UK time.

If you want to know what's happening as it happens, technology news and reviews website PC Advisor has already launched a live blog. Not a lot going on so far though. Possibly because it's 12.45am in California at the time of writing.

Japanese translator app unveiled

Ever wondered why modern technology hasn't gotten any further in bridging language barriers than offering ropey translations of websites? Well wonder no more, because a new app is looking to up the pace of progress.

The Hanashite Hon'yaku app offers real-time translations, enabling people in Japan to speak to foreigners on the phone with both callers using their first language. BBC Technology says that the app, unveiled by NTT Docomo, Japan's biggest mobile network, currently converts Japanese to English, Mandarin and Korean, with more languages to follow.

That Wi-Fi lightbulb moment

Are you the kind of person who never remembers to switch off the lights before you leave home? Or, like us, do you have flatmates that suffer from such an affliction? Well a cure could be at hand - Wi-Fi lightbulbs.

The snappily named GreenWave Reality Connected Lighting Solution enables you to control individual Wi-Fi lightbulbs or groups of them using your Android or Apple smartphone, according to gadget news website Gizmodo. Illuminating.

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