Broadband speed key factor when choosing a provider

Nine in 10 say a consistent connection speed is most important when picking a broadband package, but half of us would prioritise openness, honesty and transparency about speeds

Speed is seen as the key factor when choosing a broadband provider, according to new research.

Nine in 10 of the 2,000 people surveyed by Virgin Media said a consistent connection speed is the most important thing to consider when picking a broadband package.

However, almost half of those surveyed said they would prioritise openness, honesty and transparency about the speeds they will actually receive.

One in three of those surveyed said that providers should try to limit the usage of households that use the internet a lot more than average to ensure other users get a consistent level of service.

Following the study, which looked at all aspects of our digital lives, Virgin Media is launching Our Digital Future, an initiative designed to get us to discuss the UK's digital services.

The broadband provider hopes the initiative, based on an online forum in which views can be given, will help shape the digital services of the future as well as inform the company about how it represents its customers' and the general public's views to the government.

As part of the initiative, Virgin Media has also been touring towns and cities across the country with its Big Red Box video pod, featuring an interactive robot called Roger - inspired by Richard Branson, who owns part of Virgin Media - in order to instigate debate about digital services.

Neil Berkett, chief executive officer at Virgin Media, said: "We wanted to find out what the British public really thought about digital issues and how it's impacting their lives.

"We hope this initiative will help us to ensure consumers are better able to navigate through what can sometimes feel like a complex digital world."

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