Free Wi-Fi coming to 100 train stations

Chelmsford station is the first to benefit from free wireless broadband from The Cloud, with the likes of Norwich, Cambridge and Stansted Airport soon to follow

Free public Wi-Fi will soon be available at 100 train stations across East Anglia and Essex operated by Greater Anglia.

The service will be provided by The Cloud, the Wi-Fi network operator owned by Sky, and will become available over the next few months, starting at Chelmsford station, which is already live.

Passengers that use Chelmsford station, and eventually those that use train stations like Norwich, Cambridge and Stansted Airport, will have access to free wireless broadband.

It will enable passengers to access email and browse the web via smartphones, tablets and laptops more quickly than they would be able to over 3G, and without eating into their data allowance.

Greater Anglia's customer service director Andrew Goodrum said: "Since taking over the franchise in February we have been focusing our efforts on improving customer service.

"Offering our customers free Wi-Fi is an important part of this as we recognise that the internet is a vital part of people's everyday lives."

Vince Russell, managing director at The Cloud, said: "To keep their customers satisfied, Greater Anglia needs a fast and reliable internet connection, which The Cloud Wi-Fi will provide, ensuring each person passing through the stations can enjoy the best journey possible."

Passengers will be able to use the service for free via Wi-Fi-enabled devices for one hour a day at stations offering it, while Sky customers will have unlimited access.

Do you use Greater Anglia trains? Will free Wi-Fi in stations improve your journey? Let us know in the comments section below.

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