Broadband News from January 2013

Broadband News from January 2013

  • Satellite broadband boost, BlackBerry 10 - #TechTalk scours the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and tech news. Today: Sky gains strength, satellite broadband improves and the juiciest bits of BlackBerry news... More »

  • Sky broadband now used by over 4m homes

    A third of all households with Sky broadband also subscribe to the providers home phone and TV services More »

  • EE 4G coverage reaches 9 more towns

    Approximately 45% of homes and businesses in the UK are now covered by EE’s superfast mobile network More »

  • 87% of visually impaired elderly never been online

    New study finds the majority of older partially sighted people have never used the internet and more than half find it too difficult to use. More »

  • Free Wi-Fi on Tube ends TODAY. New stations announced

    New London Underground stations are getting Virgin Media Wi-Fi, but you may have to pay if you want to use it. More »

  • Faster broadband to arrive faster, iOS 6.1 - #TechTalk scours the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and tech news. TODAY: Government aims to accelerate delivery of superfast, latest version of iOS lands and more... More »

  • 93% of children have access to smartphones or tablets

    Majority of parents let their young kids use smartphones and tablets, and would get children their own device by the time they’re 10. More »

  • Broadband and TV packages a ‘waste of money’?

    Brits paying for broadband, phone and TV packages they don’t need, says Post Office and Freeview. More »

  • Broadband provider bundles a waste, iPad 5 - #TechTalk scours the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and tech news. TODAY: Millions waste money on broadband bundles, iPad 5 to be launched in October and… More »

  • Apple iPhone users sue Google for snooping on surfing

    Google facing legal threats from British users, who claim it circumvented Apple’s browser security. More »

  • Online shopping hits record levels

    BT reports a 300% increase in online shopping since 2008, and a sharp rise in smartphone shopping. More »

  • Free Wi-Fi on Underground ends Tuesday

    Wireless access will still be free for tube passengers with Virgin Media, Vodafone or EE. More »

  • 70% of Brits have a 'second screening' habit

    Most TV viewers use a laptop, tablet or smartphones whilst watching, new research from has revealed today. More »

  • Are broadband and mobile killing TV?

    Wi-Fi and tablets are replacing talking and texting when it comes to the way we watch and engage with TV. looks at whether they could replace the television… More »

  • Twitter Vine app added, Samsung profits up #TechTalk scours the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and internet technology news. TODAY: Vine brings video clips to Twitter, Samsung wins and Microsoft loses, Glasgow gets smart… More »

  • Sky Broadband suffers 'capacity issues'

    Customers complain of slow broadband as Sky's network struggles to meet demand after it signed up too many households. More »

  • Facebook makes us jealous, Apple in trouble? #TechTalk

    Our daily #TechTalk round-up brings you the latest internet, technology and mobile news. TODAY: Apple profits lower than hoped, Sky Broadband suffers a slowdown and UK fails to impress… More »

  • Watch Sky TV for free on Thursdays

    Free channel brings Sky TV shows to Freeview, Virgin Media and Freesat customers for a weekly treat that might tempt them to switch. More »

  • BT Infinity compared to 'horse meat in a beef burger'

    Ultrafast broadband provider Hyperoptic says BT is guilty of a "real crime" by marketing BT Infinity as fibre optic. More »

  • 4G auction bidding begins

    Ofcom has officially kicked-off the UK's biggest ever auction of superfast mobile spectrum, with seven bidders competing for the 4G airwaves. More »

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