93% of children have access to smartphones or tablets

Majority of parents let their young kids use smartphones and tablets, and would get children their own device by the time they’re 10.

Children develop an interest in smartphones and tablets as early as two years old, new research from mobile network Vodafone has found.

A poll of parents in the UK found that 93% of parents let their kids use their smartphones and tablets. They use the devices for education and entertainment, with 60% downloading numbers, spelling and colouring apps. It seems kids quickly define favourites, with two out of three parents saying their pre-schoolers already have a favourite app.

The Vodafone study also found that, on average parents spend £48 a year on apps for young children, and that the vast majority of mums and dads - more than 80% - would consider buying a smartphone or tablet by their child's 10th birthday.

The survey was commissioned to promote the launch of its new Digital Parenting Guide, which provides advice for parents on how to effectively use new technology with their kids, and protect them from threats.

To help with that, the company is also highlighting its Vodafone Guardian app, which helps parents manage what kids can do, and who they can talk to through Android phones.

Vicki Shotbolt, the editor of the Digital Parenting Guide said: "Clearly parents have realised the positive power these devices place in their hands when it comes to educating and entertaining their children, but it's important that parents are also informed about the best ways for their kids to use these devices safely."

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