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Broadband bundles a waste of money for millions

Millions of us are wasting money on broadband, phone and TV packages we don't use, according to figures from the Post Office and digital TV service Freeview reported by The Daily Telegraph, with many paying for broadband speeds they don't need, inclusive calls they don't use and TV channels they don't watch.

Internet access 'essential' to life

The internet is an "essential" part of life and users have the right to claim compensation from broadband providers if their internet access is disrupted, a court has ruled according to Reuters.

If you were then about to give your provider an ear-bashing after a weekend of buffering hoping to get some money back, hold your horses - the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, Germany, made the ruling.

Faster wireless broadband for Welsh villages

Residents of two remote villages - Llangedwyn and Llanfechain in Powys, mid-Wales - now have access to wireless broadband speeds of up to 100Mb thanks to a new service from local broadband provider eXwavia, which broadband news website ISPreview describes as being "curiously marketed" as "fibre over the air".

Samsung mobile phones bestsellers in 2012

One in every four mobile phones shipped in 2012 were Samsung handsets, according to market research company Strategy Analytics, with BBC News reporting the South Korean mobile manufacturer shipped over 396 million devices compared to the 336 million shifted by Nokia and the 136 million moved by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 million to be made a month?

Speaking of Samsung, the company will produce its new flagship smartphone and successor to its very successful Samsung Galaxy S3, tentatively and imaginatively titled the Samsung Galaxy S4, at a rate of 10 million handsets per month, reports Money Today, with the South Korean economic news website also saying the Galaxy S4 will be launched in March or April.

iPad 5 and iPhone 5S on their way, iPhone Math may not be

The iPad 5 will have a display the same size as that of the iPad with Retina display, but will be smaller, thinner and be launched in October, according to iPod, iPhone and iPad news site iLounge, while the iPhone 5S will look very much like the iPhone 5, have a larger rear flash and is also coming this year.

However, the rumoured 'iPhone Math', which supposedly has a 4.7in screen, compared to the 4in screen of the iPhone 5, "may never make it to market".

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