Facebook makes us jealous, Apple in trouble? #TechTalk

Our daily #TechTalk round-up brings you the latest internet, technology and mobile news. TODAY: Apple profits lower than hoped, Sky Broadband suffers a slowdown and UK fails to impress in the global broadband speed stakes.

Apple profits less than expected

Technology giant Apple has reported another strong set of sales and profit.

But despite making revenues of $55billion (£35billion) and $13billion profit in the last three months of 2012, investors had hoped for more. Although 48 million iPhones and 23 million iPads were sold, analysts had expected even higher sales.

According to BBC News, the company's share price has fallen 30% since September, over concerns that Apple may be losing its edge.

Britain still lagging on broadband speeds

The UK's average broadband speed is a paltry 6.3Mb, according to new research.

In its latest 'State of the Internet' report, cloud services provider Akamai found Britain is lagging behind most of the world when it comes to delivering fast broadband.

Hong Kong came top with an eye-watering 54Mb average, reports tech site The Register.

Sky Broadband hit by 'unlimited' demand

Broadband provider Sky has admitted its network is overloaded with users.

Subscribers to Sky Broadband Unlimited in some areas have struggled with very slow internet speeds as more and more customers have signed up. Households in Bristol, North Wales and Doncaster are among those who have been worst affected.

Sky told The Register it was "aware of the issue" and that extra capacity would be added to the network as soon as possible.

Snow causes 30% rise in web traffic

Recent snowfall is thought to have caused an increase in broadband usage.

East Yorkshire provider KC reported a 30% surge in network traffic, which the company believes was because of the snow. Children spent less time at school due to closures, and adults may have chosen to work from home using the broadband.

KC's business and consumer director, Gary Young, told ISPreview.co.uk: "There's no longer an excuse for bad weather to cause businesses to grind to a halt. It's so easy and cost-effective for employees to work from home."

Facebook makes you jealous and miserable

Using Facebook can make people feel sad, alone and jealous of their friends.

That's according to a German study, which found one in three Facebook users feel worse about themselves after visiting the social network. People who look at the profiles of others and rarely post their own updates were found to be suffering the most.

As the Daily Telegraph reports, Facebook holiday snaps are the biggest source of resentment, causing half of users to feel jealous of friends.

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