iPhone 5 data usage highest of all smartphones

New iPhone owners use 50% more mobile data than iPhone 4S users and four times as much as iPhone 3GS owners

The data usage of iPhone 5 owners is higher than that of people with any other smartphone or tablet, according to a new report.

Those with the latest iPhone use 50% more mobile data than owners of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S, Arieso, the mobile network optimisation company behind the report, found.

It also showed that iPhone 5 owners consume four times as much data as those who have the iPhone 3GS, the forerunner to the iPhone 4S.

However, when it comes to data used for uploading the likes of photos and videos, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners use the most, followed by Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners, with iPhone 5 owners coming third.

On the tablet front, Samsung owners are more data-hungry than Apple owners, with those on a Samsung Tab 10.1 using 20% more mobile data than iPad users.

The report also found that, for the first time, smartphone users are consistently using more mobile data than tablet users.

Of the top 10 most data-hungry devices, six were smartphones, three were tablets and one a 'phablet' - a smartphone/tablet hybrid - with tablets ranking fourth, eighth and ninth.

Dr Michael Flanagan, study author and Arieso chief technology officer (CTO), said: "This is pretty counterintuitive, but it seems the capabilities of the newest smartphones - not tablets - are unleashing even greater user demand."

Flanagan added that there is little difference between the way smartphones and tablets are being used, except that smartphones - and phablets - are used to make and take phone calls.

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