Twitter Vine app added, Samsung profits up #TechTalk scours the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and internet technology news. TODAY: Vine brings video clips to Twitter, Samsung wins and Microsoft loses, Glasgow gets smart and virtually everyone is 'second screening'.

Twitter launches Vine video app

An app for tweeting short video clips has been launched by Twitter.

The free mobile service, known as Vine, invites users to 'make a scene' by filming snippets of video - no longer than six seconds - and sharing them.

As the Twitter blog explains, it's like instantly creating an animated GIF with sound.

Samsung profits jump 76%

Sales of the Galaxy S3 smartphone have helped almost double Samsung's profits.

The South Korean firm made $6.6billion (£4.2 billion) in the final three months of 2012, with other bestselling devices like the Galaxy Note 2 also contributing huge amounts.

According to BBC News, it was a 76% increase on the same period a year earlier.

Microsoft profits drop 4%

Windows 8 has failed to turn around Microsoft's fortunes, as profits fell in 2012.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the company's latest results show Windows 8 - and Microsoft's first ever tablet, Surface, also launched late last year - got off to a "slow start".

Microsoft earned $6.4billion (£4billion) in the last quarter of 2012 - a lot of money, yes, but 4% less than it made the year before.

Glasgow to become a 'smart city'

Scotland's second capital, Glasgow, will soon be one of the UK's first 'smart' cities.

As the Edinburgh Journal reports, a government grant of £24million will be spent on innovative projects to demonstrate how a city like Glasgow can evolve with the help of technology.

Proposals include apps with real-time information about traffic, buses and trains, as well as a tool for reporting potholes and missed bin collections to the council.

Do you 'second screen' while watching TV?

Are you guilty of 'second screening'? Do you even know what that means?

Well, research by broadbandchoices has shown almost three-quarters of Brits are frequent 'second screeners' - meaning they're usually looking at a second screen whilst watching TV.

In fact, 70% of us admit to second screening, with laptops (36%), smartphones (31%) and tablets (15%) the most common devices keeping us company on the sofa.

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