4oD on Android, UK broadband on the up: #TechTalk

ByDuncan Heaney

broadbandchoices.co.uk scours the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and tech news. TODAY: what's up? Everything apparently - iPhone searches, broadband connections in the UK, and ESPN's time in the UK.

4oD comes to Android

Channel 4 has launched a new dedicated Android app for its catch-up TV service 4oD. According to digital TV news website DigitalTVEurope.net, the app is available for download on any device using Android 4.0 - also known as Ice Cream Sandwich - or higher, and is optimised for use on the Google Nexus 7, Nexus S and Nexus 4, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

iPhone 5 searches surge by 594%

Despite analysts and shareholders expressing disappointment with sales of Apple's iPhone 5, it seems people remain interested in the device. Marketing news site Netimperative reports that the volume of searches for the iPhone 5 has shot up by 594%, according to research by digital marketing company Greenlight.

Broadband on the rise in the UK

The number of fixed-line broadband connections in the UK has reached 21,371,000, according to Ofcom's Telecoms Market Data Tables Q3 2012 report.

The telecoms regulator states that home and business broadband connections increased by 264,000 between October and December last year.

Superfast uptake is also on the rise, with fibre optic connections reaching 639,000.

BT chosen to supply Northamptonshire


Northamptonshire superfast broadband plan moves forward

BT has been chosen by Northamptonshire County Council to deploy superfast broadband across the region, BBC News reports.

The government's aims to give Britain the "best broadband in Europe by 2015", which requires local authorities to plan and organise broadband roll-out in their respective areas.

Northamptonshire County Council aims to have superfast broadband available to 90% of premises in the county by 2015.

ESPN to give up on the UK?

American sports broadcaster ESPN is looking to leave the UK, according to a Financial Times report.

Dwindling revenue, increasing costs and the loss of key sports rights to other companies - such as Premier League football rights to BT and mobile rights to Sky's parent company NewsCorp - means that the Disney-owned network is becoming disillusioned with the UK market, and is "exploring an exit".

Would you miss ESPN if it went away? Are you still waiting for superfast broadband? Are you already downloadign 4oD for your Android phone? Let us know your thoughts on todays' stories by leaving a comment!

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