O2 launches mobile music app

Download songs from the UK singles chart to your iPhone or Android smartphone with O2 Tracks - but it'll cost you at least £1 a week.

Mobile provider O2 has released a new mobile music app for smartphones.

O2 Tracks allows iPhone and Android smartphone users to download and temporarily store all the latest music in the UK's Official Top 40 Singles Chart.

Sally Cowdry, consumer and marketing director for O2, said: "O2 Tracks allows you to access the most popular music directly on your mobile and for better value than ever before."

Subscribers can listen to the songs whenever they like, without being connected to the internet. At the moment O2 customers are being offered two months of free access, but will then need to pay £1 a week to keep using the service.

"Even after this promotion, our new app means you get the entire chart for little more than the price of downloading one track."

However, customers of other mobile providers will only get only two weeks free. After that they are charged a monthly subscription of £4.99.

The songs available in O2 Tracks automatically update when the smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi. This allows any new entries to replace what has drifted from the Top 40 Singles Chart.

If a user would like to keep a track permanently, they will need to purchase it with an additional one-off payment.

O2 Tracks is already available for the iPhone and Android, with BlackBerry and Windows Phone versions expected soon.

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