Xbox 720 bans secondhand, iPhone lost it? #TechTalk

ByAnthony Hill

We scour the web to bring you the latest broadband, mobile and internet technology news. TODAY: iPhone gets a slating from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Xbox 720 won't play pre-owned games, 1 in 5 PCs sold is an iPad and Tamagotchi is back as an app!

Apple founder Wozniak says iPhone's lost it

Steve Wozniak, the famously straight-talking co-founder of Apple, has said he thinks the iPhone is now playing catch-up with rival manufacturers' smartphones.

According to Apple news and rumours site, he told German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche that Apple's latest mobile, the iPhone 5, put the company "somewhat behind" the competition in terms of innovation and features.

"Others have caught up. Samsung is a great competitor, but precisely because they are currently making great products."

Wozniak's seemingly anti-Apple stance is nothing new, however. Recently, he said Microsoft's Surface tablet made him think his late fellow co-founder Steve Jobs had been "reincarnated". 



Xbox 720 to ban secondhand games?

Microsoft's next video games console will incorporate a feature that may prevent users from playing games they've purchased secondhand.

According to gaming magazine Edge, the forthcoming 'Xbox 720' - an unofficial nickname devised by the Xbox fan community - will insist games are registered online before they are allowed to be played.

It's thought physical disc copies will be sold with unique codes stopping them ever being played on more than one machine.

1 in 5 computers is an iPad

New figures suggest that Apple's iPad tablets account for a fifth of computers sold worldwide.

Research by analysts at market insight company Canalys found that, while global sales hit 134 million in the last three months of 2012, a third of all devices sold were tablets. Apple alone was responsible for 27 million of those sales, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Tamagotchi returns as a smartphone app

Remember Tamagotchi, the electronic pet that sparked a mass craze among schoolchildren in the 1990s? Well, it's back.

Media news site Digital Spy has reported that Japanese toy maker Bandai will soon make a Tamagotchi app available to download from Google Play for Android devices and Apple's App Store for iPhone.

Players will see their virtual pet hatch from an egg on screen, and subsequently require food, medicine and poop-scooping at regular intervals.

The original Tamagotchi handheld game sold more than 78 million units.


Rise of the 11-year-old hackers

Children as young as 11 are writing malicious computer code to hack people's gaming and social networking accounts, BBC News has reported.

Research by security software company AVG found youngsters were using amateur programming techniques taught in schools to steal the usernames and passwords of others.

Evidence was easily recovered by the firm as most of the young hackers' work contained quite literal schoolboy errors.

The company said kids should also be taught the "rights and wrongs" of IT.

Do you think today's IT-savvy kids pose a genuine threat to our online security? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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