Comic Relief tweet sees MP donate £14,000

Fiona Mactaggart, the MP for Slough, has given more than £14,000 to Comic Relief after pledging £1 for each 'retweet' she received on Twitter.

An MP has donated thousands of pounds to Comic Relief after a "spur of the moment" charity pledge suddenly went viral on Twitter.

Fiona Mactaggart, MP for Slough, promised on Friday to give £1 to Comic Relief for each 'retweet' of her post on the microblogging site. She added a deadline, giving less than an hour for people to spread the message to as many other users as possible.

Within minutes it had been shared by dozens of people, and upon the 9pm cut-off more than 14,000 Twitter users had retweeted it. Staying true to her word, the MP donated a grand total of £14,268.

She later tweeted she had "no regrets" and told the Daily Telegraph she believes charitable giving "should hurt a bit" - as well as insisting her tweet was not a PR stunt.

"I didn't do it for publicity. What I thought about was, 'If I do it this way, a lot of people will get Red Nose Day on their timeline who aren't watching television but who are looking at other media and maybe they'll give'," Mactaggart explained.

She said a cheque for £14,268 had already been handed over to Comic Relief. This year's Red Nose Day raised more than £75million - its highest ever amount.

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