Free Wi-Fi installed in London taxi cabs

Microsoft will sponsor free wireless internet in black cabs across the capital.

Free Wi-Fi has been made available in hundreds of London's iconic black cabs.

Microsoft has teamed up with Track4Services and Ubiquitous Taxis to offer free wireless broadband access to passengers in 225 specially branded taxis across the capital.

It's part of a marketing campaign to promote the company's business software.

Philippa Snare, chief marketing officer of Microsoft UK, said: "London continues to be an important city for global business, providing effective solutions for hardworking people has always been a key focus for us.

"Offering free Wi-Fi during a taxi journey is a great way to demonstrate how Microsoft provides benefit to people in London."

In addition to Wi-Fi in taxis, a scheme that will only be running for three months, Microsoft is also currently working with wireless broadband provider The Cloud, to make unlimited free Wi-Fi available at Network Rail train stations.

The service is normally only free for the first 15 minutes, after which users are required to sign in having paid for a subscription.

However, with Microsoft's sponsorship, which will last for one month, the free Wi-Fi - available at selected stations operated by First Great Western, Greater Anglia and London Overground - will provide internet access without time limits.

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