Social networking 'better than sex'

Facebook and Twitter seen as more important than sex by social media addicts.

Would you be prepared to give up sex if it meant you could keep using social media?

A survey by marketing group Browser Media found 8% of web users would choose social networking over sex.

A further 10% of people said they'd sooner go without sleep than lose access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Other sacrifices include reading books, watching TV and chatting on the phone, while 14% admit they go out less often since social networking became the norm.

Joe Friedlein, managing director of Browser Media, said: "Smartphones now mean that social networking is both a round-the-clock and on-the-go activity, with no need to stop until your device runs out of battery.

"Therefore, it comes as no surprise that social networking addiction has become a new 21st Century ailment, especially when individuals are giving up necessities such as sleeping."

The research also revealed that women will spend on average eight months longer than men using social networking sites during their lifetime.

In fact, female social media fans spend the equivalent of 963 days on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, compared to 723 days for their male counterparts.

That works out as approximately 60 minutes using social networking sites a day for women and 48 minutes a day for men.

A recent OnePoll survey of 2,000 women found more than a quarter use social networking sites to exaggerate or lie about what they're doing at least once a month.

While many had pretended to be out on the town when in fact they were home alone, others had distorted the truth about where they had travelled on holiday.

The most common reasons for lying on social media were the fear of being perceived as "boring" by others, or jealousy at seeing friends having fun.

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