Tablet surfing overtakes smartphones

We now spend more time using the internet on tablets than on smartphones - but PCs and laptops still dominate Britain's web traffic.

Tablets have overtaken smartphones in terms of web traffic for the first time ever.

Devices like Apple's iPad now account for 8% of our online activity, while smartphones are used for just 7%, research by the software firm Adobe has shown.

The study of 100 billion visits to 1,000 websites found that, in a single internet session, people on tablets spend more time browsing and visit more pages than smartphone users.

Tyler White, one of the analyst's behind Adobe's Digital Index report, said: "Smartphones remain much more common, but the tablet form factor makes it ideal for browsing.

"Whether they're leisurely surfing the web, engaging with video or shopping online, on average internet users view 70% more pages per visit when browsing with a tablet compared to a smartphone."

Adobe's research also revealed that, while smartphone web traffic in the UK is similar to that of the US and Canada, tablet browsing is much higher in Britain.

In fact, 12.2% of British web users say they're most likely to use the internet on a tablet, compared with 7.4% whose main device for browsing is a smartphone.

Figures published by the government last month show that 33 million people in Britain accessed the internet every day of the year in 2012 - more than double the 16 million who did so in 2006, when comparable records began.

Do you prefer browsing the web on a tablet? Have your say in a comment below.

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