Tesco Mobile makes no rip-off promise


Mobile customers can rest assured Tesco won't increase prices mid-contract. It's the first provider to make such a promise - will others follow?

Tesco has promised its mobile customers prices will never be increased mid-contract.

Research by Tesco Mobile has shown that unclear or unstable tariffs are a major bugbear for mobile phone customers. In a survey, one in four respondents said that mid-contract price hikes were the biggest annoyance of all.

It found that almost three-quarters of UK consumers were totally unaware that networks are allowed to raise their prices while customers are locked in a contract.

Simon Groves, chief marketing officer at Tesco Mobile, said: "We believe it's only fair to stick to the contract that we make with our customers, and we see no reason to change the core tariff price that a customer has signed up to."

"We've never put up our 'pay monthly' prices mid-contract, and this tariff promise demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers. Being open and honest with them is incredibly important to us and we're proud to be setting an example."

Tesco's survey also revealed slow mobile internet and complicated tariffs are high on the list of mobile phone customers' frustrations.

Last year, network providers raised their prices by on average 81p a month - costing UK consumers more than £200million extra on their phone bills.

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