EE's 4G changing mobile broadband habits

People with smartphones on EE's 4G network are less likely to use public Wi-Fi and may even spend less time using their home broadband.

4G mobile broadband is changing the online habits of EE customers.

A survey by EE, the UK's first major 4G mobile network, found 37% of customers using the superfast 4GEE service - offering mobile internet speeds at least five times faster than 3G - are less likely to use public Wi-Fi since signing a 4G smartphone contract.

One in five customers claimed they spend less time using their home broadband.

Today, EE published a strong set of financial results, announcing that its 4G mobile broadband is now used by 318,000 customers.

Neal Milsom, chief financial officer of EE, said: "Today's results are in line with our expectations, and were making good progress.

"We're announcing 318,000 4G customers after just five months of trading. We expect to strengthen our industry leadership position in the year ahead as the 4G roll-out continues."

Earlier this month, EE announced it will soon be doubling the speed and capacity of its superfast 4GEE network, taking top speeds to 80Mb and the average speed customers actually receive to at least 20Mb - from a current average of between 8Mb and 12Mb.

At the moment, as the UK's first major mobile provider to offer 4G, EE benefits from having no direct competition in the industry.

This will all change in the coming months, however, as rival networks - including O2, Vodafone and Three - are expected to launch their own 4G services.

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