Twitter to launch music streaming service?

Social media giant's move into music is all but confirmed, but what will Twitter Music offer?

Twitter is rumoured to be launching a new music streaming service.

Last week, the micro-blogging platform bought the music discovery site We Are Hunted, and now a Twitter Music holding page has appeared online, complete with a Twitter logo, a 'coming soon' message and a #music Twitter hashtag.

While it's obvious Twitter is planning a foray into the music sector, reports as to what kind of platform it will launch have so far varied wildly.

American TV presenter Ryan Seacrest claimed he was "playing with Twitter's new music app" in a tweet he posted last Thursday.

Others have suggested it will offer personalised song and artist recommendations, or provide a free music streaming service similar to that of Spotify.

Seven years after its original launch, Twitter has amassed more than 200 million users worldwide, sending on average 400 million tweets a day.

Back in January, Twitter launched its own video app called Vine, which works as a companion to the social media platform by allowing users to share short, looped clips - a maximum of six seconds long - with their followers.

Vine is available as a standalone app for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, but has yet to reach other platforms, including the Google mobile operating system Android.

The news of Twitter's move into music comes as Apple is reported to have signed a contract with Universal - the world's largest record company - to create a streaming service that will act like Spotify within its iTunes software.

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