Millions leave Facebook, chat outdoes texts: #TechTalk

Chat apps like WhatsApp overtake texting, millions of users are leaving Facebook and the launch of the Galaxy S4 leads to an increase in phone trade-ins. All this and more in #TechTalk

Text messages are all well and good, but who doesn't prefer a chat? New figures from research company Informa have revealed that online instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp, have overtaken text messages for the first time ever.

The study reveals that in 2012, 19 billion messages were sent a day via chat apps, compared to 17.6 billion texts, and Informa says it expects instant messaging to grow even further in the next few years.

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Millions of users unfriend Facebook

Users are abandoning Facebook in their droves, new research has revealed. According to analysis company SocialBakers, Facebook had 1.4 million fewer UK-based users last month - a 4.5% fall from the previous month.

In the US things aren't much better, with a 4% drop in users checking in over the last month. Over the last six months, Facebook has lost two million users in the UK, and nine million in the US.

Find out more about Facebook's woes at the Guardian.

BT to bring superfast broadband to Durham

Durham County Council is the latest local authority to sign a deal with BT to deliver superfast broadband in their area. The £24million deal will see fibre optic broadband rolled out to 94% of local premises by the end of 2016.

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Release of Samsung Galaxy S4 leads to surge in S3 and iPhone trade-ins

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched last weekend, accompanied by mountains of hype. And while it didn't come with mountains of phones, that doesn't seem to have diminished the enthusiasm of phone fanatics.

According to Colin While, the managing director of, the announcement of the Galaxy S4 has led to a 44% increase in trade-ins. Interestingly, the last year has also seen a 31% increase in iPhone trade-ins too, indicating some Apple users are starting to switch to other platforms like Android.

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