Sky reacts to BT Sport, Amazon phone 3D? #TechTalk

BT Sport is dismissed as a "marketing gimmick" by Sky and new Amazon phone rumours suggest it could have a 3D screen. Get the latest mobile and tech news in today’s #TechTalk...

Sky reacts to free BT Sport offer

BT's new sports TV package has been slated by satellite giant Sky. Stephen Van Rooyen, Sky's managing director of sales and marketing told BT Sport is nothing more than a "marketing gimmick" to promote BT broadband.

Yesterday, we reported the BT Sport channels - BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN - would be offered free of charge to all BT customers with a BT broadband connection. Van Rooyen, however, claims Sky is in a "different league" to its new TV rival.

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Amazon phone to have a 3D display?

It's been rumoured for a while that online retail boss Amazon could be planning to launch its own smartphone to accompany its Kindle tablets and e-readers. Now the latest industry whispers suggest the Amazon phone could have a 3D screen that's viewable without 3D glasses.

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YouTube starts 'pay to watch' trial

Google is trialling YouTube subscriptions, where users must pay a flat monthly fee to watch certain videos on the site. The charges initially apply to just 30 YouTube channels offering a wide range of content from children's TV to music concerts. Prices start at less than £1 a month.

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Virgin Media to launch new Super Hub

Superfast provider Virgin Media has announced that a new wireless router will soon be available to its broadband customers. The "next generation" Super Hub is currently being tested by a small group of customers and will launch in the coming weeks.

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Thorpe Park gets free Wi-Fi

Visitors to Thorpe Park will soon be able to access free wireless broadband on their smartphone or tablet. The free Wi-Fi is being delivered by The Cloud and will cover the whole of the Surrey theme park. It should be ideal for guests to entertain themselves while standing in long queues!

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Teenager's app blocks Twitter 'spoilers'

American teenager Jennie Lamere has developed an app that stops people using Twitter from finding out the plot lines of TV shows they've yet to watch. Twivo is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser and allows users to block 'spoiler' keywords.

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