Fibre broadband boost for Northern Ireland

ByAnthony Hill

Northern Ireland business is set for a revenues boost of £750million, as firms take advantage of fibre optic.

Fibre broadband is set to bring enormous benefits for Northern Ireland business.

According to a BT business impact study, firms in Northern Ireland could make an extra £750million within the next five years, as well as saving around £45million on running costs, by exploiting fibre optic broadband.

Colm O'Neill, chief executive of BT Northern Ireland, said: "The aim in conducting the research was to evaluate the potential available across the various sectors through the take-up of fibre broadband."

"We are in the enviable position in Northern Ireland of having available to us a world-class fibre network that is ahead of the UK and Europe in terms of availability."

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Northern Ireland is one of the UK's strongest areas in terms of fibre optic broadband coverage, with close to 100% of premises able to access a superfast connection.

However, despite the widespread availability of fibre broadband, Northern Ireland actually lags behind in terms of technology in the home.

According to Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, 69% of households in Northern Ireland currently have a broadband connection, compared to a UK average of 76%.

In addition, Northern Ireland's over-55s population is significantly less likely to have broadband at home than in the rest of the UK. Only 44% of people aged 55 or over have broadband access in Northern Ireland, compared to 59% for the UK as a whole.

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